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Liability for contents

The contents of the application Pengunaut Trainer and the websites pingunauten.de and pengunauts.com have been created with great care and according to scientific standards by an interdisciplinary team of developers, psychologists, doctors, and designers especially for the use of children. However, no guarantee is given for the accuracy, completeness, and topicality of the contents nor the suitability for special purposes.  The use of the application and the contents provided on the websites is at the sole risk of the user. The use of the application does not constitute a contractual relationship between the user and the provider.

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Integration of Third-Party Services and Content

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Information on Online Dispute Participation

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Contact Form

If you send us requests via the contact form on our websites pingunauten.de or pengunauts.com, the information you provide in the form, including the contact details, will be stored for the purpose of processing the request and in case of follow-up questions. This data will not be passed on without your consent.

SSL Encryption

The websites pingunauten.de and pengunauts.com use SSL encryption for security reasons. You can recognize an encrypted connection by the fact that the address line of the browser changes from “http://” to “https://” and by the lock symbol.

Once SSL encryption is activated, the data you transmit to us cannot be read by third parties.


Children under the age of 13 may use the application and the VR Viewer only under adult supervision. Older children should also be supervised by adults during use.

Duration of Use

Using the application and the VR Viewer for an extended time period should be avoided. The application can be interrupted at any time. Regular pauses of at least 10 minutes are recommended if the application and the VR Viewer are used for an extended time period. If the following symptoms become apparent during use, the VR Viewer should be removed immediately.


Regarding the use of VR technology, the phenomenon of visually induced motion sickness (also called “travel sickness”, “cybersickness” or “simulator sickness”) can occur. The occurrence of these symptoms varies greatly between individuals and is independent of age.

These or similar symptoms may occur during use, but also shortly afterward or with some delay. We therefore recommend that children may be supervised even after using the application and the VR Viewer. Adults are recommended to drive a car or perform other dangerous activities at least 15 minutes after use. If the symptoms mentioned above are very severe or do not subside after a short time, please consult a medical doctor.


If you have ever experienced symptoms that may be related to epilepsy, we advise you not to use our application and the VR Viewer. Be sure to consult a medical doctor before using the application or the VR Viewer.

Safe Location and Position

Before using the application and VR Viewer, make sure you have a safe environment to avoid accidents and damage. Remove dangerous or fragile objects. The application is designed for use in a standing or upright position and lying down. You should not walk around during use. Also ensure that third parties (e.g. siblings, pets) cannot be injured.

For the game “Stargazer”, which is one of the main components of the application Pengunaut Trainer, the player must lie flat on his back. Make sure in advance that there is enough space available. Before lying down, the VR Viewer must always be removed to avoid accidents and the negative symptoms mentioned above.

VR Viewer and Smartphone
To use the application, a special holder (“VR Viewer”) is required, with which the smartphone can be worn in front of the eyes. Only with such a VR Viewer is the three-dimensional display of the application content possible. A VR Viewer is not included with the application and must be purchased independently. VR Viewers are not products made specifically for children. They may contain small parts and sharp edges that can cause injuries or become detached. There is a choking hazard for small children.

Before using the VR Viewer, make sure that your smartphone is correctly and securely attached to the VR Viewer. You can use any included foam spacers to provide additional support. The VR Viewer’s holder may press on your smartphone’s buttons. To avoid this, you can also use foam spacers. The Entertainment Computing Group is not liable for any damages to the smartphone, the VR Viewer, furniture, etc. The appropriate and safe use of the devices remains within the responsibility of the user. Please be sure to read the safety instructions and manuals for the smartphone and VR Viewer before using them.

Final Remark
The application Pengunaut Trainer is the result of scientific research regarding anxiety reduction in children undergoing MRI examinations using virtual reality technology. At the time of writing, there was no reason to suspect serious risks to children from the use of the application or VR technology in general. Nevertheless, there is currently a lack of reliable scientific knowledge about the effects of the long-term use of VR technology on children and adults. If you have any questions or concerns, consult a medical doctor. You can use the contact form provided on the websites to contact us.


Use of the Application

When using the application, no personal data (e.g. name, address, e-mail, photos, videos, IP addresses, IMEI addresses, etc.) is collected or stored. There is no possibility of inference to your person / your child at any time.

App Permissions

The application Pengunaut Trainer requires camera permissions to scan the QR code on VR Viewers. The QR code contains the required configuration for a correct display of the contents. The captured image data is not stored or used in any other way. An adjustment of the application settings on the VR viewer is necessary for an optimal VR experience.


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